that new blog smell

It smells like freshly laundered towels, with just a hint of mild panic…

This is my new blog. I’m super good at starting things, but I’m pretty bad at continuing things, and I’m even worse at finishing them. That’s probably where this is headed, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My old blog, One Girl Cooks, was kind of starting to feel like a prison. I had originally set it up as a place to publish pictures of food that I had cooked, and maybe share recipes.

Except, I’m total shit at writing recipes. Seriously. I cook by feel and by smell and by sight for the most part. Plus, I seldom ever manage to actually read through an entire recipe if I’m using one (which often backfires, believe me), so I’m not sure what made me think I’d be able to harness the ADHD long enough to be able to write useful recipes.

That left me with trying to be a blog full of food porn, and that’s all well and good…but I’m not a professional photographer. I can only take as good a picture as my cell phone lets me, which granted, is better nowadays than the digital camera I had when I started out – but still. I don’t want to learn about special lighting to make my food look better. I don’t want to figure out how to style and stage plates. I also have no fucking patience whatsoever for doing all those step-by-step, “this is how I chop the cucumber – just like everyone else does, but with better lighting and a fancier knife” pictures that so many successful food blogs seem to have.

So, since I couldn’t write recipes and I didn’t want to become a part-time food photographer / stylist just so I could blog, I figured I should probably give up the ghost in terms of being a food blogger.

Which is not to say that I’m not going to post about food here. I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to share yummy things. But I’m also going to write about other stuff too. I felt like, abruptly switching to blogging about life and mental health and dirty jokes and my dog and knitting on One Girl Cooks after so many years of just writing about food would be weird, so here we are.

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