that’s better

Well, sort of. I found a theme that’s a little more to my liking, at least.

Do you ever do that? Make a snap decision and then find yourself wallowing in regret over it for days?

I am often paralyzed by indecision. When there isn’t a very clear black-or-white, right-or-wrong, smart-or-stupid answer, I go into analysis paralysis mode. The only way to break out of that mode is to finally just say fuck it and pick SOMETHING. Even though I know that 99% of the time the decisions I make aren’t going to have truly life-altering consequences, I still find it super hard to be OK with choosing “incorrectly”. I put that in quotes because really, unless you’re choosing to like, step out in front of a speeding bus or eat gas station sushi or something like that, you’re probably still going to have a chance to go back and try again if the decision you made didn’t have the desired outcome.

Or something. I don’t fucking know, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday and I got like five hours of sleep and haven’t had any coffee yet. Talk about poor decision-making…

Anyway. Tell me what you think of the new page set-up.

4 thoughts on “that’s better

  1. I like the banner photo a lot. On my iPad, it doesn’t stretch all the way across to the right; there’s a large empty white space and a teeeeeny “home” and “about” up there.

    I want to go sit next to that sloth and do sloth-like things.

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    • Thanks! That picture is from our trip to Alaska a few years ago. Pierre was contemplating Resurrection Bay in Seward. šŸ™‚

      The large empty white space on the layout is annoying – sorry about that! Trying to find a layout that works well for not only computer screens but also tablets AND phones proved to be a lot more challenging than I’d thought.


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