If you’re looking for the reasoning behind the name of the blog, you can find it here.


I should warn you right up front that I swear a lot. When the Great Assembler or whoever was giving out doses of ladylike behavior I was clearly off in the corner setting something on fire or maybe eating paste.

Mmm, paste…


My favorite thing in the whole world is to laugh. Coming in at close seconds would be making other people laugh, eating good food, getting lost in books, making things and hanging out with my long-suffering husband and dog.

I have ADHD, anxiety, and sometimes just to gild the shit lily, depression. I believe very strongly that being outspoken about mental health issues is the best way to start to break down the stigma that our society has built up around them. When I was first diagnosed with depression ten years ago, it was something still spoken about in low voices with furtive glances around to make sure no one overheard. It was something to be ashamed of, and as a 25 year old who hadn’t lived all that much and didn’t really know any better, I WAS ashamed of it. Over the years I’ve slowly and painfully learned that the shame we’re programmed to feel over our mental health problems really does nothing but feed into those problems and compound them over time. I’m not going to live that way anymore, and I don’t think anyone else should have to either.

So, fuck shame. Fuck it right in the…shame-hole.


Welcome to my crazy. Please enjoy your stay.

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  1. We were separated at birth. Except for the husband. And the dog.

    Here’s how you make “paste.” Open tube of Marzipan. Add food coloring and shape into sacrificial animals (don’t show the dog). Eat one by one as if you are in one of Michael Crichton’s dinosaur movies. Enjoy a nice late harvest Riesling over your kill.

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