…and then I lost an hour’s worth of work.

I went on vacation over the weekend.  I wrote a big long post about how great it was.  There were all kinds of pictures with funny captions and everything.  It was probably the best thing I’ll ever have written.  We’re talking Pulitzer material here, honest.  If they gave Pulitzer prizes for blog posts about vacations, anyway.

Then, The Internets decided to have a freaking seizure juuuust before I hit “post”, and all my hilarity went right down the tubes in one fell swoop.

I am not some grannie who has never used a computer before, people.  I grew up in the 90’s!  I SHOULD DAMN WELL KNOW BETTER THAN TO NOT PERIODICALLY SAVE MY WORK.  It’s like I’m back in 7th grade again, trying to convince my teacher that I DID have a book report but the computer ate it.

I can’t even with this shit.

I also can’t decide if there should be a comma in that last sentence or not.  Technically, it probably isn’t even a sentence so it doesn’t really matter.

OMG I am so annoyed.

Here, enjoy this picture of Pierre photobombing a scenic vista while I cry a little bit and curse my inability to simply hit the “save draft” button once in a god damned blue moon.

“Oh, hallo! Ah am ze Fronch anteater, Pierre. Ah weel show you zeez rocks en Maine. Zey are velly good rocks, ah promeez!”

2 thoughts on “…and then I lost an hour’s worth of work.

  1. Lovely picture- very moody. No wonder Stephen King wrote so many creepy books.

    I ctrl+s everything like it’s a nervous tick. But I work with software that crashes at the drop of a hat, so it’s a learned trait.


    • When we went out in the morning for breakfast around 8am that morning, it was crystal clear – I swear we must have been able to see 20 or 30 miles. We got done with breakfast, went back to the room for a ten minute pit-stop, and when we opened the door to go back out to the car, the sun was gone and the whole island was socked in with fog! Mark was like, “Uhhh…I feel like we just walked into a Stephen King novel”. We drove all around that day, and we could always tell when we were getting close to the coast again because it would get dark and foggy, while up on the mainland it was super sunny and bright. Totally crazy.

      Also, this picture was taken while we were scrambling around on giant rocks while the 30mph wing gusts roiled the fog around us like we were standing in the middle of a tub of dry ice. It wasn’t smart, but it was fucking epic! 😀


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