tactical error

Last night on the way home from Carnage we stopped at the Long Trail Brewery for dinner and drinks with friends.  I really like Long Trail’s pumpkin ale, which is one of their specialties this time of year, but when I tried to order one the waitress informed me they were out.  Sadface.  Then she mentioned that they did have plenty of the Imperial Pumpkin and asked if I wanted to try that instead.  It sounded good to me so I said sure, and off she went to get me one.

It’s worth mentioning here that “Imperial”, when it comes to American-made beers at least, usually means that the alcohol content is higher than normal beer – generally somewhere between 8-12%, which is double what normal beer usually runs.

Long story short, I ended up drinking two glasses of the Imperial Pumpkin, plus about half a pint of my husband’s hard cider, by the time all was said and done. WHEEE!  By the time we were ready to leave I had decided that I really needed a growler of the Imperial Pumpkin to take home.  We bought the growler plus a bottle of a fancy stout that my husband wanted to try, and then headed home.

When I got home, I started reading the printed info on the back of the growler bottle at home, I noticed that it said it should be consumed within 72 hours of bottling…and within 24 hours of opening.

A growler, for the record, is 64 ounces. 64 ounces of beer is a LOT. I was definitely thinking this bottle of beer was going to last me the better part of a week, not A DAY. There’s no way I can drink it all tonight, certainly…especially given that I have to work tomorrow.  I’m just going to have to hope that it keeps ok for another couple days.

Moral of the story: don’t go beer shopping when you’re already drunk.

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2 thoughts on “tactical error

  1. I don’t like ANY pumpkin beers but I was at the LT Brewery a year or so ago and tried their Imperial Pumpkin. It. Is. So. Good. It’s the only pumpkin beer I will drink. Maybe it’s the higher alcohol content? I don’t know. Most other pumpkin beers are too spicy or the pumpkin taste is off. Didn’t know they do growlers there.

    I completely missed Carnage this year. This is the first year I’ve missed in like 8 years. I haven’t played board games in so long. 😦


    • I really dislike sweet beers, and pumpkin beers definitely tend toward the sweet. I think, like you said, maybe the higher alcohol content of the Imperial cuts the sweetness some.

      They definitely do growlers at the brewery – you order them at the long counter there where they have all the beer and other merch set up for sale, then you step over to the bar to pick it up. I paid $17 for mine – $3 of that was bottle deposit. Which is fair enough, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep the bottle and just use it for decoration or something. Brewery Chic. 😉

      Bummer about missing Carnage! We just went for the day because there was only one L5R event. I wish we could afford to go for the weekend and play a bunch of other stuff, but driving back and forth seems kind of silly and staying there is EXPENSIVE. I miss the days of it being right down the road from us. 🙂


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