puppies are the answer

I’m meant to describe an ideal day off for today’s post.  Thinking about the ideal day off immediately gave me Ferris Bueller on the brain, so now all I can think about is hijacking a parade float and singing Danke Schoen.

Which, to be fair, is something I’d at least attempt if presented with the opportunity.

But anyway…

I’m finding this a lot harder than I thought I would, possibly because what I like to do with my free time varies wildly depending on my mood.  Some days I just want to be left alone with a book or a video game and some frozen pizza.  Some days I want to have people over, cook a big dinner, and sit around drinking wine and laughing.  Some days I want to take off to a beach and just chase seagulls and pick up shells all day.  Some days I want to get in the car and just drive and drive, seeing what I can see along the way.

On the other hand, if I could somehow line up a day-off gig where I got to just hang out with a whole bunch of puppies all day long, that would be pretty sweet and would probably take precedence over anything else anybody invited me to do that day.

“Oh hey, did you want to fly on this private jet to Paris with me to check out the Louvre this afternoon?”

“Nah, man.  I’ve got plans to lay on the floor in the middle of a bunch of puppies and just let them jump all over me.  It’s going to be amazing.  But thanks for thinking of me!”

Yes.  Puppies are definitely the answer.

Rescue team deployed!

Rescue team deployed!

2 thoughts on “puppies are the answer

  1. That is a difficult question. I agree, my ‘ideal’ day off varies with mood. It feels too easy to say ‘netflix and knitting’ because honestly, most of the time I’m doing that, it’s because I’m too exhausted to do anything else. Doing that during the day makes me anxious, like I should be doing other things.


    • Same here. If I have a day off and I spend it outside of the house, I don’t feel bad about not doing chores…but if I spend a whole day off at home just fucking off, I’ll usually feel uneasy about it and thus not really enjoy it that much. It will feel like I’m getting away with something but that the other shoe could drop at any moment.

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