I don’t get it.


This is my favorite dog in the whole world other than Junior. Just FYI.

You know how sometimes someone shares a link to something, saying things like “OMG, you have to read this, IT’S HILARIOUS”, and then when you click on the link and read the thing it’s…not that funny?

Or worse, you click on the link, read the thing, and find it to be not only NOT funny, but actually pretty dumb and/or ignorant?

And then you sit there thinking back on all the past interactions you’ve had with the link-sender, trying to figure out where things went so wrong in your relationship that they picked up the impression that you would think shit like THAT was amusing?

And because you’re now well down the hyper-analytical rabbit hole, you then start wondering if you even really know ANY of your friends AT ALL, and wondering if anyone truly knows YOU at all, and what’s the point of even trying to interact with anyone socially in a world where it’s technically not acceptable to sit someone down and make them fill out a pre-screening friendship questionnaire because fuckin’ A man, life is short and ain’t nobody got time to waste laughing politely at jokes that aren’t funny?

And further to that end, are all these people who are laughing at YOUR OWN jokes just laughing politely because they’re normal and well-adjusted and don’t get annoyed when things with a build-up of “this is really funny” don’t actually pan out to any amusement whatsoever?

No? Just me? Fair enough. I kind of suspected as much.

Carry on.

6 thoughts on “I don’t get it.

  1. First, Lillian and Toby will be heartbroken knowing you love Moon Moon more than them. As far as “I don’t get it”, I really start to wonder when my spouse shows me shit he thinks is funny and I find downright awful. Why would he think I’d find that funny? Who IS this man?!

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    • Well, Lillian and Toby can take heart in the fact that real dogs > internet dogs no matter what. Moon Moon is adorable, but he doesn’t give me the literal warm fuzzies that Lillian does! 😉

      My husband’s sense of humor and mine tend to line up pretty well for the most part, thankfully. At least, as far as I can tell from my side of things. If he doesn’t think I’m funny then he deserves to have a Nobel Prize created for patience and awarded to him retroactively for the last 15 years.


  2. Yep. Not just you. Sometimes I’m like, “are my friends really my friends, or do they all just pretend to like me because in reality I’m really socially awkward and I’m basically this colossal charity case?” It’s creepy if I think about it for too long, ha ha.

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  3. I do the same thing, I immediately start re-assessing every interaction, and then after I get fully disgusted with them, I then point my fickle finger back at myself and I get even angrier and more disgusted with ME and MY judgement (how stupid could I have been to cultivate THAT friendship?!?!?) I do this all the time.


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