a twitter rant

Do you ever get a notification from Twitter that someone new has followed you, click through to their profile to check them out and just end up thinking to yourself, “what about my profile and/or tweets could have possibly led you to the conclusion that you would like to read more of what I have to say”?

One guy that followed me the other day has a profile full of tweets with links to articles about crystal healing, for instance.

Another person looked perfectly reasonable until four tweets in when they started talking about how they support Ted Cruz…in a completely non-ironic way.

There was one who was just wall to wall misogynistic body-judgement jokes.

And one who did nothing but promote a Kickstarter campaign that, when clicked through to, was one of the most poorly written things I’ve seen in months. I don’t even actually know what the person was trying to raise money for. That’s how fucking badly their campaign information was written.

Here I am tweeting about anxiety and depression, dumb shit I say to my dog, pictures of the stuff that I make, and derpy jokes about nerdy stuff, and somehow that screams “Hey world, I want to hear about how you think women who don’t fit your ideal of physical perfection are worthless! I’m also super into hearing how you think a pro-life Tea Party crackpot who wants to outsource all our jobs is a reasonable choice for President! You know what I could really use right now? A CHAKRA CLEANSING. Also, I have $10,000 just burning a hole in my pocket, so please send me your completely unintelligible requests for financial backing and I’ll hook you right up.”

I prefer my chakras slightly soiled. It helps me stay grounded when Rodney Yee is trying to kill me via yoga DVDs.





4 thoughts on “a twitter rant

  1. hahaha oh twitter, I still really don’t get it.

    also, i know you asked for feedback the other day on the blog layout: imho, the word area where the post actually comes up is too narrow for my tastes. I tend to like a wider middle area and only one sidebar, instead of two.

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  2. I swear there are people who follow folks on IG just in the hopes that they will follow them back. I’ve had at least three straight- up hatemongers follow me this month- Confederate flags, anti- Muslim posts, the whole deal. There’s nothing about my profile that would encourage that!! Or the wraps people, or the nails folks, etc, etc…:/


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