on a roll

Lately I’ve been on a streak of grocery shopping without a list.

Normal adults can do that, right? Just roll into the grocery store and buy what they need without having a premeditated list (preferably written out in sections, in order of the their preferred route through the aisles)? And they come home with the stuff they ACTUALLY need, not a farraginous assortment of shiny bits and pieces that seemingly called to them across the aisles?

Welp, I’m not a normal adult. I knew that anyway, but shopping without a list has really served to reinforce the point.

All in all, it hasn’t been a disaster. I mean, yes, I bought three avocados last week with the intention of having avocado toast for dinner a couple nights, only to come home and realize that the bread I had made for the week was cinnamon raisin and thus not really suitable for avocado toast. And I forgot the paper towels that I really DID need, so I had to make a mid-week stop at the mom-and-pop grocery in town that resulted in my buying not only paper towels but also cookies, wine and beef jerky (none of which I even remotely needed).

I keep buying toilet paper, though. It’s becoming a problem.

I know, toilet paper is one of those things that it’s better to have a wealth of than a dearth of…but it has gotten to the point where I’m running out of room to store it. I went to put away my newest toilet paper acquisition yesterday, only to find that the cabinet under the bathroom sink is getting quite full. Of toilet paper. There were two unopened 6-roll packages already in there, plus an open package over by the toilet.

We don’t have a bathroom closet or linen closet or whatever – if I overflow the under-sink cabinet, I’m going to have to start stashing TP in our bedroom or the spare bedroom.

And that seems…weird.

Even to ME.


This picture came from www.toiletpaperworld.com.I, for one, feel better knowing that this website exists.

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